WLAN shielding

Niels Bakker niels=nanog at bakker.net
Wed Nov 26 21:04:31 UTC 2003

> Andy Grosser wrote:
>> My company is investigating the use of wireless in a couple of our
>> conference rooms.

* marco at sara.nl (Marco Davids (SARA)) [Wed 26 Nov 2003, 21:30 CET]:
> What is wrong with the 'good old' 802.1x with EAP or WPA solution?

There is a difference between keeping signals from leaking out, and
keeping them from leaking out in decipherable form.

In some situations the latter may be enough - hopefully it will be if
you need to be "out" and still have signal.  In other situations even
that will be undesirable.

I'm aware of at least one regular office building here that has
extremely poor wireless (802.11b) reception through real walls.
No idea how that was established, however, though I do believe
it was done on purpose, and from Andy's story it seems as though
it wouldn't have been enough anyway.


	-- Niels.

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