Above.net problems ??

Arjan Hulsebos ahulsebos at corp.home.nl
Wed Nov 26 17:57:00 UTC 2003

> Is there any relationship between this "europeanwide" 
> above.net failure and the huge amount of
> DNS requests to lockup.zonelabs.com which failed that every 
> ISP (at least in France) seem to
> have encountered last night ?
> The zonelabs.com zone is hosted on Above.net NS servers. 

The Netherlands were hit as well. We saw a massive flood of queries for
lockup.zonelabs.com, too. It performed a nice DoS on our client name
servers.... :-(

You'd think that an unresponsive nameserver would be flagged dead, and such
information be cached. Does anyone know whether that's actually done in Bind
8.3.4? Or perhaps not by default?


Arjan H

Not even a clue-by-four would work with this clown.
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