WLAN shielding

David Barak thegameiam at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 26 17:41:10 UTC 2003

--- Michael.Dillon at radianz.com wrote:
> >Planning on limiting signal using a physical
> mechanism of some sort's 
> just
> >a little too scifi to be useful.
> It's too much effort to shield the room itself, but
> you
> might want to try making the inverse square law work
> for 
> you by shielding all of the wireless antennae so
> that 
> the signal is too weak to travel more than a meter 
> or two. Put extra shielded wireless access points on
> the conference tables so that everyone can place
> their 
> laptops within range of a signal.

However, if you're talking about one room only, and
you're trying to prevent outsiders from sniffing, why
not just use a cheap workgroup switch/hub?  Having to
buy multiple WAPs and insulate them quickly destroys
the wireless value-add...

-David Barak

David Barak
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