WLAN shielding

Doug Luce doug at nanog.con.com
Wed Nov 26 17:15:17 UTC 2003

Unless you are looking to isolate a small box for such purposes as testing
RF devices, I would not use a shielding technique to limit access to your
wireless network.  Containing 2.4GHz signals within a room of any
reasonable size is extremely difficult.  You would probably have to cover
it with a double-walled, seamless sheet or fine grid of conductive
material.  Any holes, cracks, windows, or doors are likely to blow the
whole deal.

I'd recommend using both WEP and an encrypting VPN if you're worried about
people getting on your network.  Also make sure to turn off SSID

Planning on limiting signal using a physical mechanism of some sort's just
a little too scifi to be useful.



On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Andy Grosser wrote:

> Apologies in advance if this may not quite be the proper list for such a
> question...
> My company is investigating the use of wireless in a couple of our
> conference rooms.  Aside from limiting the scope of reception with various
> directional antennae, does anyone have any suggestions or pointers for
> other ways to limit the propagation of signals (i.e. special shielding
> paint, panels or other wall coatings)?
> Feel free to reply off-list.
> Thanks!
> Andy
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> Andy Grosser, CCNP
> andy at meniscus dot org
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