TAT 14 failure

Jack McCarthy nanog at jackmccarthy.com
Tue Nov 25 21:19:48 UTC 2003

Here's the official word we received:

"The outage on TAT-14 Segment I is on-going. This segment is on the European
side between the Netherlands and France, effecting traffic to UK, Ireland,
France, and other areas in Europe.   This is the 2nd failure on this ring cable
which has caused the protection path to fail.  The International Restoration
Team is working an ad-hoc restoration which will take several hours.  They have
already restored some VC4 facilities and this work is on-going."


--- Leo Bicknell <bicknell at ufp.org> wrote:
> In a message written on Tue, Nov 25, 2003 at 07:24:27PM +0000,
> garrett.allen at comcast.net wrote:
> > still seeing decent ping times.  anyone detect an actual outage or issue?
> Best info we have is that there are two outages.  One has existed
> for the last 3 weeks or so between Tuckerton (New Jersey) and Bude
> (UK).  It takes out the "southern path" across the atlantic.
> There is a second outage between Bude (UK) and Katwijk (NL).  For
> circuits that landed in London or France this (should have) taken
> out the redundant path for those circuits.
> Circuits from Tuckerton (New Jersey) or Manasquan (New Jersey) to
> Katwijk (NL), Norden (DE), or some city in Denmark who's name I
> forget should still be up on the northern path.
> So, if you're in London or France your circuits are likely to be
> down, however some people in those locations used Contentinal
> capacity to link up to Katwijk, in which case they might still be
> operational.
> Both problems are undersea issues, so don't expect speedy resolution
> if you are down.
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