Anit-Virus help for all of us??????

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> I know full well about the resource limits.  Its a PITA, but 
> as long as you run a decent set of apps that don't suffer 
> from resource leaks (Mozilla without a GDI patch does this 
> for example) that eventually use up all GDI/USER memory, 
> you'll be fine.  I use Win98SE here all day with only one 
> reboot needed most days, and I run WinAMP, Putty, K-Meleon, 
> Outlook Express, Cygwin, mIRC, Xnews (which has a bad habit 
> of crashing the whole system at times), as well as AIM, 
> Miranda IM, SST, Yahoo Messenger, and various other tools.  
> Thats all at once, multitasking.  I know, I could reduce the 
> clutter by letting Miranda IM do AIM and Yahoo, but thats not 
> the point. :-)
> Many times, resource suckage comes from those ugly faceless 
> background programs that run at startup.  Kill as many icons 
> as you can on the desktop and the task bar, and clean out 
> your startup list, and you'll free up alot of GDI resources.

You've just conceded that you reboot every day, and honestly, to do what do
with Win98 SE, that's what's required. You've also conceded that how you use
your system is chosen based around those resource limitations: if $BROWSER_1
uses less resources than $BROWSER_2, that's what you'll use. If Win98 SE was
the only game in town, well, you could do that and curse Redmond every time
you reboot. However, it is NOT the only game in town. A reasonable OS
(Win2K/XP, Linux, etc) will let you run all the things you're running, and
will stay up for weeks unless your hardware really sucks.

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