SORBS DUL (Dynamic User List) announcement and suggestions welcome.

Matthew Sullivan matthew at
Mon Nov 24 22:32:22 UTC 2003

For those that didn't see it, I believe it is on topic as it is relating 
to connectivity/locations of ISPs mailservers.

Subject: Notice SORBS DNSbl users, regarding the easynet blacklists 
being discontinued Dec 1 2003

Hi All,

As of a last night SORBS imported and merged the Easynet (Wirehub) 
Dynablock database into the SORBS DUL.

SORBS also has included the Dynablock exceptions list and now has a 
mechanism to include more exceptions to the DUL should they be nessesary.

Users of the EasyNet Dynablock are welcome to use the SORBS DUL, however 
please remember that the Dynablock list was merged with the SORBS DUL.  
The DUL is available on its own as:  It is also 
available via the aggregate zone:

Any positive entry in the DUL will return



Network operators, you are welcome and requested to submit your 
networks, both static and dynamic to SORBS for inclusion/exclusion from 
the list.  A number of you already do, for which I thank you, however 
with the import of a massive amount of data there are likely to be a 
couple or errors here and there , if you see any please mail me directly 
and I will be happy to correct the entry by either removing it or by 
creating an exclusion.

My next planned work on SORBS is as mentioned a few days ago, creating a 
whitehat system for the spam databases.  Again assuming I am not called 
off topic when it is complete I will announce it here and discuss it 
offlist.  If anyone wishes to talk to me about SORBS which would be 
considered offtopic please mail me privately or subscribe and post to 
the public 'dnsbl-users at' list.

Also network listed over the last few days in the spam database are 
requested to contact me as soon as possible as there are some virus 
mails that got into a spamtrap that made it into the system, these need 
to be removed asap, so if you are blocked or see any, please mail me 
offlist and I will sort them aout as soon as possible. (Earthlink 
representitive (if you are listening) I think one of your servers got in 
it, but I am unable to get an IP from your users at the moment)




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