Anit-Virus help for all of us??????

Steven M. Bellovin smb at
Mon Nov 24 21:10:15 UTC 2003

In message <200311242043.hAOKhYKL003690 at>, Valdis.Kletni
eks at writes:

>Question: What speed access is needed to guarantee "mean time to download
>patches" is significantly less than "mean time to probed by packet-to-0wn"
>(significantly == 20x lower still gives a 5% chance of getting 0wned
>while patching)?

It's not just the download time, it's the install time.  I recently 
upgraded a win2k box to winxp.  Download was very fast -- my office has 
excellent connectivity.  But the patch installation took so long that I 
had to disconnect the Ethernet cable so I could go home. 

		--Steve Bellovin,

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