Anit-Virus help for all of us?????? Must have more Free!

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Mon Nov 24 20:38:51 UTC 2003

If only free could become contagious (no pun intended) and we could
all accomplish what we need to with, for example,
free bandwidth, free server hardware, free network apple macintoshes :-)... Ha-ha, ho-ho, he-he.....  


All kidding "free" the answer to the current
insecurity of the Internet?  I hope not! :-) Speaking
as someone who knows at least a fraction of what's 
involved in AV/FW research... free is not likely to deliver
us any time soon. Free is almost always marketing. 
But of course, people and their pocketbooks tend to decide
how these things go...


...neener-neener... :)

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Thought this is on topic for the group with all the new 
virii and new problems out there.
Would anyone here consider sending this out to all customers? Later, Jim

Last week at the Comdex show in Las Vegas, Computer Associates 
International, Inc. (known to the world as CA) teamed up with 
Microsoft Corp to provide "qualified" Windows home computer 
users with a no-charge, one-year subscription to CA's eTrust 
EZ Armor antivirus and firewall desktop security suite. 
The move is designed to encourage home users to increase 
the protection of their Windows systems and CA has stated 
that the company will aggressively promote the offer as 
part of Microsoft's "Protect Your PC" campaign. 

The EZ Armor software carries a value of $49.95 and the 
free subscription offer for will be available for download 
until June 30, 2004 and comes complete with one year of 
personal firewall and antivirus protection including daily 
virus signature updates.

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