Deepak Jain deepak at ai.net
Mon Nov 24 16:58:08 UTC 2003

> > And Jared's list is excellent, but even contacting those not listed
> > there via ARIN info, etc. yielded quick responses.
> I removed our listing there because we were getting so much spam
> to the email address that was posted there (which can't really be
> spam-filtered, for obvious reasons) - that's the only place the
> address was posted except in the ARIN whois. After getting rid of the
> old POC, no problems. So a useful service, but I really wish they'd do
> more to at least try and trick address harvesting bots.

Maybe we could all setup NOC addresses that require a confirmation before
accepting email? At least for those of us that need to contact somebody, a
quick "Reply to this with code xxx to be on our whitelist) is a simple
hurdle. It will help lists like Jared's that are primarily about increasing
communication, not spam erradication. After someone gets whitelisted, they
can ask for the correct address to send abuse requests or draw attention to
issues that haven't been addressed through normal channels.

maybe noc-whitehat at domain.com or noc-whitelist at domain.com so everyone knows
what to expect.

Just an idea.


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