RBLs in use

Matthew Sullivan matthew at sorbs.net
Thu Nov 20 22:48:24 UTC 2003

Suresh Ramasubramanian wrote:

>Kai Schlichting <kai at pac-rim.net> writes:
>>BT have (quite rightly) been repeatedly blocked by DNSBL's and private
>>lists as a result of their poor record in handling abuse incidents (whether
>>that's by intent or negligence by way of a colossal management failure is
>>another debate entirely).
>How sure are you, beyond just the usual nan(og|ae) idle chatter?  BT is much better off than some ISPs I can think of.
>I do happen to know they have a few good people in there working for them.
There are?  SORBS has been listing BT for some time now because of the 
continual stream of spam to the spamtraps, and first contact was made 
within the last 7 days - and from memory that mail appear to be a bit of 
throwing ones weight around (which doesn't wash with me at all - 
everyone is treated the same, and if I am treated with respect I treat 
others with respect).

>If the guy is asking for DNSBLs to use, and you have some good ones in mind, help him, I'd say.
I agree, though based on the recent communication I wonder whether 
someone is after finding out whether they should be able to safely 
ignore lists such as mine ... ;-/



PS: If there are BT staffers here with clout, you might want to contact 
me over the listings.  Noone is exempt from listing in SORBS, but proven 
whitehats don't get blocked.

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