Increase in traffic to/from DSL subs since August?

Scott Weeks surfer at
Thu Nov 20 21:53:10 UTC 2003

: >Another independent ISP operator and I have noticed a pretty significant
: >increase in traffic to and from our broadband (DSL) subscribers since
: >August.  It's been a fairly steady uptick, at least in my case, resulting
: >in a doubling of overall average traffic to/from these folks since then.
: >
: >Have others seen a similar trend?  Any thoughts as to what the cause may
: >be?  Our best guess a virus/worm, possibly being used as a spam relay or
: >other proxy at this point...

: At the IETF Plenary, Bernard Aboba showed a graph of spam, with a
: marked uptick since SoBig.F in August.  My guess is worm-deposited spam
: relays, though Joel's guess of Nachi or Welchia can't be ruled out,
: either, without flow data.

Don't forget the NTFS ADS spam crap.  >:-(


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