Please ignore my earlier mail (Re: New IANA IPv4 Allocations)

Henk Uijterwaal (RIPE-NCC) henk at
Wed Nov 19 14:58:09 UTC 2003

Dear All,

Please ignore my mail of 12:40 today.

As half a dozen people have asked me by now, no this was not intended for
the full list, just for one of the posters, and I should have paid more
attention to what my mail program said it was going to do, rather than
assume that it'd do what I though it should do.


Henk (back to hiding under my desk for the rest of the day).


  On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, Henk Uijterwaal (RIPE-NCC) wrote:

  [comments deleted]


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That problem that we weren't having yesterday, is it better? (Big ISP NOC)

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