Cisco, Anti-virus Vendors Team on Network Security

Petri Helenius pete at
Tue Nov 18 21:32:51 UTC 2003

This looks suspiciously similar to the solution Nokia announced a few 
weeks ago, though
it was based on a java application, not sure how platform dependent it was.


Sean Donelan wrote:

>As part of Cisco's Self-Defending Network Initiave Cisco has announced a
>new product which relies on "the Cisco Network Admission Control program
>is innovative software developed by Cisco called the Cisco Trust Agent
>which resides on an endpoint system and communicates with the Cisco
>network. The Cisco Trust Agent collects security state information from
>multiple security software clients, such as anti-virus clients, and
>communicates this information to the connected Cisco network where access
>control decisions are made and enforced. Cisco has licensed its Cisco
>Trust Agent technology to Network Associates, Symantec and Trend Micro so
>it can be integrated with their security software client products."
>Currently the Cisco NAC software only works with Cisco network equipment
>and Microsoft Windows NT, XP and 2000 operating systems.
>Without the secret handshake Mac OS, Linux, Solaris and other operating
>systems will not be able to connect to a Cisco Self-Defending Network
>which limits its usefullness for ISPs.

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