Cisco, Anti-virus Vendors Team on Network Security

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Tue Nov 18 20:22:33 UTC 2003

On Tue, 18 Nov 2003 15:08:45 EST, Sean Donelan <sean at>  said:

> Without the secret handshake Mac OS, Linux, Solaris and other operating
> systems will not be able to connect to a Cisco Self-Defending Network
> which limits its usefullness for ISPs.

A *nix without a secret handshake is like a fish without a bicycle.

Yes, viruses *are* theoretically possible on these platforms, but let's
be honest here - even if you included all of the platforms, you'd only
intercept another 1% or so viruses, tops.

At worst, you have to run another network segment to connect all the
machines that are able to defend themselves without assistance.

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