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If it's anything like what some of my downstreams have encountered, you'll want to explore the options to set communities on your outbound announcements to 6939 and/or 3356.  Most likely, as 3356 announces your routes to its peers, those peers are assigning a peer-level local preference.  Meanwhile, as 6939 announces your routes to their upstreams, those networks are using a default or "paid customer" local preference.  Since local preference comes before AS path length, you have to remotely twiddle local preference to get results.


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Where's the best place these days to ask some "simple" BGP questions?  I
don't want to bother *-nsp at puck, but inet-access scares me.  Any
suggestions?  I'm good with the basics, but I've got a perplexing issue
(just look at AS8059, which is still sucking down most traffic via 6939
rather than 3356, even with all that silly prepending)...



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