looking for pull traffic

Deepak Jain deepak at ai.net
Fri Nov 14 01:55:36 UTC 2003

> > Maybe I am exceptionally naive, but are DDOSes *REALLY* that consistent
> > between providers to affect month-over-month or quarterly ratios?
> yes.  because if you're a small provider then you only need a small flow
> to balance yourself.  and the 95th percentile cuts both ways.

Depending on your value for "small", wouldn't the minimum traffic
requirements for a major network peering relationship stymie this process?
95th percentile for 100-200 mb/s is one thing, 95th for 2-3 gb/s is very
different [provider - provider peering, not total capacity].

Maybe I am overestimating peering coordinators here, but I'd like to think I
know a few, and more than a few hundred mb/s of DDOS traffic has got to show
up somewhere on the radar.


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