looking for pull traffic

Deepak Jain deepak at ai.net
Thu Nov 13 22:16:24 UTC 2003

> my guess is that when isp's start paying customers for suck in order to
> balance their own ratios or to upset other people's ratios, that it will
> stabilize at about 10% of current blow-based transit pricing.  and that
> there will all of a sudden be a lot more ddos'ing, fly-by-night crawlers,
> and whatnot than there are today.  gads, what a world.

Ahh, but are you saying that current blow-based transit pricing is stable?

> (anybody have any guesses how much of the current ddos load is driven by
> ratio concerns?  that is, now that we know spammers are hiring folks to
> ddos antispammers, can we finally admit that isp's are hiring folks to
> fix their ratios for them by ddosing from larger-provider networks?
> viva laissez faire, i guess.)

Maybe I am exceptionally naive, but are DDOSes *REALLY* that consistent
between providers to affect month-over-month or quarterly ratios?


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