looking for pull traffic

Paul Vixie vixie at vix.com
Thu Nov 13 21:35:31 UTC 2003

i'm sure search engines like google or altavista or microsoft or yahoo
would happily charge you less for suck than your peers/transits would
(like to) change you for blow.  with transit-exchange businesses coming
into existence, and with older peering-exchange businesses willing to
support transit-exchange, there really ought to be a market for suck.

there's certainly no reason for a search engine to pay for their suck;
it's extremely valuable, no matter who they pull it through, big or
small.  and it's arguable that quality of suck will be less of a revenue
driver than quality of blow, so arguments of the form "you should suck
through us because we have a better network" aren't very weighty.

my guess is that when isp's start paying customers for suck in order to
balance their own ratios or to upset other people's ratios, that it will
stabilize at about 10% of current blow-based transit pricing.  and that
there will all of a sudden be a lot more ddos'ing, fly-by-night crawlers,
and whatnot than there are today.  gads, what a world.

(anybody have any guesses how much of the current ddos load is driven by
ratio concerns?  that is, now that we know spammers are hiring folks to
ddos antispammers, can we finally admit that isp's are hiring folks to
fix their ratios for them by ddosing from larger-provider networks?
viva laissez faire, i guess.)


mrz at velvet.org ("matthew zeier") writes:

> Higher powers have decided our 95/5 traffic slit needs to move closer to
> 60/40 (transit pricing).
> I'm looking for legitimate ways to generate a significant amount of pull
> traffic, including partnerships with Southern California ISPs.
> Thanks.

Paul Vixie

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