Voice Compression

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Thu Nov 13 20:30:11 UTC 2003

    > I am looking for an economical solution to compress
    > 1248 voice DS-0s to 240 DS0s.  My application is to
    > extend the voice and data for a call center that needs
    > roughly 63 T-1 equivalents of bandwidth down 21
    > physical T-1 ciscuits.

Um, do you mean that you need to move 1248 _simultaneous calls_ across 21
T1 circuits?  There's no problem there, just pick any reasonable codec.
All you need is one that uses less than 26kbps of bandwidth, and nearly
all of them meet that criterion.  Take a look at G.729a.  It's widely
used, gives reasonably good quality, and only takes half that much


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