The Internet's Immune System

Daniel Medina medina at
Thu Nov 13 14:40:18 UTC 2003

 myNetWatchman has a work-in-progress search-by-AS

On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 06:56:50PM -0500, Jamie Reid wrote:
> It would be useful if these sites allowed you to query them with CIDR ranges to 
> see if your site had originated any traffic that triggered their sensor arrays. The 
> IDS community never seems to have wrapped its collective head around routing 
> information. Looking up single IP addrs is just cosmetic. A real service would 
> allow for concerned sites to check their entire address allocations. 
> The solution we have takes a massive amount of data munging of a routing
> table and is still experimental, but until attacks can be mapped to meaningful Internet
> topographical information, the real value of these distributed IDS efforts cannot be fully 
> exploited.  
> I can forsee the argument that people shouldn't be able to look up other sites
> which might be compromised, but if they are really so concerned, they should 
> get their sites patched. 
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> >>> "Bryan Bradsby" <Bryan.Bradsby at> 11/12/03 04:25pm >>>
> > Devise a system that assumes owners of IP space WANT to know about problems.
> > report --open-proxy <logfiles
> > and have a report sent to whoever needed to know about it.


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