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Wed Nov 12 19:26:07 UTC 2003

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>> I searched the archives and couldn't find anything about a portable
> cooling
>> units so am resorting to posting, sorry if its redundant.
>> I am setting up a development lab and need additional cooling on a
> temporary
>> basis.
> IMHO, portable coolers are a bad idea. They add noise to the environment
> and increase the overall heat level due to the consumption of electricty.
> When we had them in our office for a week, I started working 3 hour days
> to escape the hellish atmosphere. In the past I regularly worked in
> buildings that were 35 degrees Celsius indoors (2 degrees C less than
> core body temperature) and it was much more comfortable than that week
> with the portable coolers.

There are air to water a/c units or chillers.  We used one such unit. 
They can be located just about anywhere since they can pump, or be fed 
water through a hose, and drain via another hose.

In fact we have the unit still for sale if anyone is interested they may 
contact me privately and I'd be glad to give you any details you may need. 
The manuf. is Koldwave BTW.

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