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    Don't tease - you absolutely owe us the full text of the response 
from the fellow who was upset about your asking for a public SSH key as 
part of the interview process.


Doug Luce wrote:
> I rely on recruiters to funnel applicants to the company.  I also use
> Monster and to do the same.  But I don't rely on them top
> do much weeding.
> These days, I used semi-automated remote testing to find the good
> guys.  I put very little faith in resumes, and do not use them to
> evaluate candidates.  This has worked out extremely well.  I imagine
> that this process is not suitable for many positions, or for cultures
> that are different from Telerama's.
> Check out the job posting at
> In particular:
>   DO NOT SEND YOUR RESUME at this point of the application process. If
>   you do send your resume, we will assume you did not bother to
>   carefully read this job posting, and we will not consider your
>   application.
>   To begin taking the tests, please send your public SSH key to
>   jobs at along with your email contact information. Sending
>   your SSH key is the only way to signal your interest in this
>   position. Please do not send a resume, cover letter, or other plea.
> The last time I posted this, I received 200 total replies.  151
> contained resumes, 52 contained public SSH keys, 4 contained public
> PGP keys, and 1 contained a private SSH key.
> One further response expressed hostility toward the requirement of a
> candidate's public SSH key in order to be considered for a position.
> Doug

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