Router with 2 (or more) interfaces in same network

Lucas Iglesias l.iglesias at
Tue Nov 11 14:19:21 UTC 2003

As I know, according to the routing theory, it has no sense to have 2
interfaces on the same net.
At least, on Cisco routers is not allowed.

kind regards. 

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Asunto: Router with 2 (or more) interfaces in same network


I am curious to know if its possible to have a router with its two
interfaces, say configured as, and Theoretically, i see nothing which can stop a
router from doing this.
But practically, is it of any use? And if used, then, when and why will
somebody want to use such
a kind of configuration?

Would appreciate if somebody could enlighten me on this.


I have a customer who insists he wants to do this, without providing any

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