law enforcement contacts

Dave Stewart dbs at
Tue Nov 11 07:23:45 UTC 2003

At 02:13 AM 11/11/2003, J. Oquendo wrote:
>Uhm... Correct me if I missed something, but LEO's get paid to uphold the
>law BY ACTING on crime in their expertise and if it's out of their range
>(juridstiction) an `LEO` should have better contacts than someone on the

Perhaps they will have contacts, but c'mon... how many of 'em do you really 
believe care?

Basically, if it isn't child porn/sexual abuse, most law enforcement 
agencies have bigger fish to fry... or at least, think they do.  They don't 
care to get involved in a problem that could potentially involve multiple 
jurisdictions... it's just too much hassle, and they have plenty going on 

I *have* had encouraging results from the local folk, but that's the 
exception rather than the rule

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