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I agree certifications are overated at best.

Give me someone with the right attitude and I'll teach him anything.

Showing the ability to get things done is the greatest skill imo.

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On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 11:36, joshua sahala wrote:
> "Peter Galbavy" <peter.galbavy at knowtion.net> wrote:
> > Acronyms mean sh*t. When involved in any hiring process, I actively
> > avoid CCIE/MSCE/etc. laden resumes. Mentioning once, fine. Using them
> > like religious phrases is an indictation of, well, stupidity.
> certifications are often necessary to open the door - granted if you
> were architecting internetworks when many of today's certified 
> 'engineers' were still in grade school, then no, certifications are 
> probably not needed.

I consider myself one of the 'old guys' and all the experience in the
world doesn't mean &%*$&%*$ to a recruiter OR a company hiring manager
if you don't have the magic initials they've heard about behind your
name.  I was always too busy doing my 'real job' making the customers
happy so I never spent time getting 'useless' certifications or
developing networking relationships with other professionals for later

Those of you with jobs, be very careful not to be lured into that trap. 
You've got to think of your future first and foremost.  No one else

Tim McKee

> > > i'm recruiter-proof. i'm not sure i'd want anyone who wasn't.
> > 
> > Aye. I have *never* used my CV/Resume in getting a job. I still have
> > one, but it's very out of date.
> never is a long time
> perhaps it is just the fact that i am 'new' to the field, but my resume
> has gotten me all but one job, and my resume indirectly got me that one.
> my slightly bitter $0.02
> /joshua
> > Peter
> > 
> > 
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