This may be stupid but..

Timothy Brown tim at
Mon Nov 10 17:40:21 UTC 2003

> > Where is the "nanog job board" to post open positions to?
> To my knowledge it is still a yahoo-group called nanog-jobs.
> It's pretty low traffic - the last note I saw was on 10/9 and
> probably 20 posts in the past year.
> There was an administrative post in February that stated the
> list was moving elsewhere, but it doesn't appear to have ever
> done so.

The list still exists.  New subscriptions are approved regularly.
We get about five new subscriptions a week.  I'd considered
moving the list off of yahoogroups after their changing-mail-pref
scam, but I later held off.  The list will still be moving,
sometime in the next 30 days or so, but subscriptions will be

I invite those interested or those recently subscribed to send
a short introduction to the list regarding who you are, what you're
looking for, and what skillsets.  A resume is not desired or

nanog-jobs has only had, IIRC, about five job postings, but it is
an excellent way to get in touch with a good cross-section of
candidates who tend to have more network engineering and architecture
knowledge than the average joe.

nanog-jobs is *not* affiliated with NANOG proper or Merit, although
there have been some very informal BOFs in the past at NANOG events.
Miami will be the next.

My purpose in creating the list was the hope that a more informal
recruitment structure would prevail, since prescreening was less
necessary in the light of the fact that I tend to aggressively
moderate subscriptions to the list and I tried very hard to target
(in my initial actions in creating the list) people with routing
protocol and switching experience primarily, while trying not to
target those with MCSE/CCNA certifications alone.

Best regards,

Tim Brown
tim at

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