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joshua sahala joshua.ej.smith at usa.net
Mon Nov 10 16:36:50 UTC 2003

"Peter Galbavy" <peter.galbavy at knowtion.net> wrote:
> A willingness, nay - a NEED, to learn and be open to new concepts is
> what forward moving technology sectors (like ours I hope) need.

definately - however, i know of some very smart people, with a huge 
drive to learn, were relegated to clueless tasks because they didn't have
many many years of experience.  there is a distrubing trend amongst
managers/etc where they think that if you haven't already done the job
for several years, you can't learn to do it, or don't have the skill to
do it.  i am not saying that this is universal (as demonstrated by
several posts here to that effect), but i think that these are exceptions
> Acronyms mean sh*t. When involved in any hiring process, I actively
> avoid CCIE/MSCE/etc. laden resumes. Mentioning once, fine. Using them
> like religious phrases is an indictation of, well, stupidity.

certifications are often necessary to open the door - granted if you
were architecting internetworks when many of today's certified 
'engineers' were still in grade school, then no, certifications are 
probably not needed.

experience is a catch-22, you need experience to get a job, but you need
a job to get experience.  i am not saying that certifications are a 
panacea, but lacking the ability to say that i built $major_isp, my certs
have helped me (a little) in getting past the recruiter/hr to where my
technical skills can be demonstrated
> > i'm recruiter-proof. i'm not sure i'd want anyone who wasn't.
> Aye. I have *never* used my CV/Resume in getting a job. I still have
> one, but it's very out of date.

never is a long time

perhaps it is just the fact that i am 'new' to the field, but my resume
has gotten me all but one job, and my resume indirectly got me that one.

my slightly bitter $0.02


> Peter

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