This may be stupid but..

Doug Luce doug at
Mon Nov 10 07:25:48 UTC 2003

I rely on recruiters to funnel applicants to the company.  I also use
Monster and to do the same.  But I don't rely on them top
do much weeding.

These days, I used semi-automated remote testing to find the good
guys.  I put very little faith in resumes, and do not use them to
evaluate candidates.  This has worked out extremely well.  I imagine
that this process is not suitable for many positions, or for cultures
that are different from Telerama's.

Check out the job posting at

In particular:

  DO NOT SEND YOUR RESUME at this point of the application process. If
  you do send your resume, we will assume you did not bother to
  carefully read this job posting, and we will not consider your

  To begin taking the tests, please send your public SSH key to
  jobs at along with your email contact information. Sending
  your SSH key is the only way to signal your interest in this
  position. Please do not send a resume, cover letter, or other plea.

The last time I posted this, I received 200 total replies.  151
contained resumes, 52 contained public SSH keys, 4 contained public
PGP keys, and 1 contained a private SSH key.

One further response expressed hostility toward the requirement of a
candidate's public SSH key in order to be considered for a position.


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