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Suresh Ramasubramanian suresh at
Sun Nov 9 01:07:23 UTC 2003

Rubens Kuhl Jr. writes on 11/8/2003 7:51 PM:

>>Sometimes outsourcing corporate / isp mail handling to a provider like
>>us, criticalpath, postini etc might be a good way to go.
> Outsourcing is usually a good way to get a solution with expertise instead
> of a next->next->finish software installation and license to use it... but
> for ISP use, integration with internal OSS (billing, tech-support etc.)
> seems to be a challenge. Outsourcing costs also keeps most ISPs from using
> such a solution, unless time-to-market is the one and only criteria.

Well - there are ways (such as that the outsourcer only handles the MX 
for the domain[s], and then routes all inbound mail to the ISP, who 
handles file storage / pop3 / webmail).  Or an onsite install of the mta 
/ antispam solution etc, updated by the outsourcer (push updates using 
rsync, for example) but sitting on racks in the ISP's data center.

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