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Suresh Ramasubramanian suresh at
Sun Nov 9 00:31:37 UTC 2003

Rubens Kuhl Jr. writes on 11/8/2003 5:53 PM:

>>Anyone have any openwave mail MX opinions or experience good or bad?
> Every mail product that costs lots of money will yield a worse overall
> solution that using a good free/open-source mail software (postfix, qmail,
> exim... pick one) and spending money on people with good technical skills to
> tune and adapt the system. Unless, of course, your financial resources are
> unlimited...

It is not just financial resources - it is also a factor of time to 
build a filter / set of filters from scratch (even with spamassasin + 
bogofilter you need to train it extensively, and tweak its rulesets to 
suit your mail flow).

Sometimes outsourcing corporate / isp mail handling to a provider like 
us, criticalpath, postini etc might be a good way to go.

Or you might elect to get a managed antispam solution that plugs into 
your mta (kind of like brightmail or

>>Design question:  Is it better to have integrated or seperate Anti-spam
> and
>>Anti-virus built into the mail platform?

The unix way - one tool per job.  Build a mail system out of components 
- it is often the best way to go.


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