Web hijacking by router - a new method of advertisement by Belkin

Peter Galbavy peter.galbavy at knowtion.net
Sat Nov 8 07:37:12 UTC 2003

william at elan.net wrote:
> How original of them! But for other router manufactures present on
> this
> list, make notice - DO NOT DO IT IN YOUR OWN PRODUCT EVER. I (and from
> newsgrousp there are appears to be many others with same opinion
> about it)
> do not want routers modifying my network packets without my knowledge
> about it and definetly not for marketing of your own products.

Note, I am no legal professional here, but to looking forward to others
being stupid; In the UK I am reasonable certain that this breaks a number of
separate laws that no amount of "EULA" type small print can get around. For
those interested, I suggest looking at the protection offered (assuming this
product is sold to consumers in the first instance) the various "Sale of
Goods" acts, UK and EU "unfair terms in [consumer] contracts" ("but the
small print says..."), "computer misuse act" (modification of data without
permission), data protection (leaked URLs) and I am sure many more.

Now if only we had government departments that actually cared and helped
lean on these types of idiot.

I hope that the US - the largest single market for technology products I
assume - has a similar bunch of useful [consumer] law.


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