cooling systems

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> Peter Galbavy wrote:
> > You "foreigners" are scary. As a UK resident, born in Oz many many years
> > ago, I consider -10C to be very very cold.
> You know it's cold when you have to deal with diesel fuel in chunk form
> by shovel.  (Well, actually, with a fork.  It solidifies into a rather
> waxy/oozy gunk.  In a previous life, I worked in a refinery lab, testing
> for fuel freezing points down to -100F/-80F amongst other fun things.).

A friend of mine was on a crew that was setting up a drilling rig in the mountains of Wyoming.  In an effort to get -any- kind of
heat, they opened the valve on the propane tank and it blubed a couple of times into a steel bucket.  They all stood around throwing
matches at it but it wouldn't lite.  They finally gave up and went back to the truck to get warm.  The whiskey which was on the
dashboard was frozen solid.

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