cooling systems

Andrew Kerr andrew_kerr at
Thu Nov 6 14:02:07 UTC 2003

> For those who have never visited Fairbanks, there is a phenomena 
> observed at -15C and lower known as "square tire".  The rubber in tires 
> of parked vehicles will become stiff and freeze into position, making 
> the vehicle impossible to move without destroying the tires.  To the 
> best of my knowledge the ARSC does have conventional AC units, as 
> Fairbanks reaches +24C and higher in mid summer.

As someone who has lived in Saskatchewan all his life, I can tell you 
that "square tire" does not usually involve destruction of the tire.  If 
your tire is slightly flat, it can certainly freeze with a flat side. 
This makes driving interesting for a while, but the tire will thaw as it 
is driven on.

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