cooling systems

Robert A. Hayden rhayden at
Wed Nov 5 17:49:48 UTC 2003

I've seen some designs that actually use water as the transport and 
many-finned radiators at each end.  Radiator transfer heat into cold water 
inside which is pumped up a radiator in the sub-zero temps on the roof and 
exchanged and then looped back.

Same basic principle as a traditional residential heat-pump that loops
through the ground 20 feet down or so.

I think using straight air would probably not be as efficient as a 
closed-loop water transfer.

On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, Joe Abley wrote:

> On 5 Nov 2003, at 11:22, Neil J. McRae wrote:
> >> google search for "air to air heat exchanger" - there are many
> >> companies that make products that do exactly what you want.
> >
> > I'd be interested to see if these actually save any money. I'd
> > guess that the cost of moving the air around is going to be a factor.
> Seems to me that you have to move air regardless of what you use to 
> cool it.
> Joe

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