Copper 10 gigabit @ 15 metres

Henry Linneweh hrlinneweh at
Wed Nov 5 15:18:53 UTC 2003

10GigE fiber will be the better choice in the long run....

Deepak Jain <deepak at> wrote:

> Regarding the first URL, I am curious how many networks will be
> interested
> in using a 15 metre 10GbE solution. Even for intra-MMR xconns, it seems
> like the cable length limit will very quickly become an obstacle.
> I guess
> it depends what price point copper 10Gb solutions enter the market at,
> compared to their optical counterparts.

Until the distances become reasonable, it will probably be a connection of
opportunity. Instead of nxGE you can use 1x10GE for an MMR x-connect. The
question is will people be converting 10GE copper to fiber to bridge the
distances and then back?
There are no highly dense 10GE platforms that I can think of right now, much
less cost effective ones.

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