Hijacked IP space

Ray Wong rayw at rayw.net
Tue Nov 4 19:59:33 UTC 2003

> While it's definitely worth submitting it to completewhois
> and developing whatever paper trail it takes to give it back 
> to the registrars if they don't want to keep it,
> another obvious stopgap would be to advertise the space,

Does anyone actually have a low-cost offering to do this officially?
This is almost a network operation issue, even if it's more about
network non-operation. =)  Part of the whole point is that people
stop routing the space itself in the first place, for many reasons.
In my case, it's gotten harder and harder to find ISPs who have the
clue/pricing to actually route space they didn't get assigned.  I'm
not a big bandwidth customer, but (when budget again allows) would like
to have portable space that isn't tied to a single upstream.

I've received a couple offers of help, but doubt we want to advocate
setting up a volunteer network of nice guy ASs.  It would seem to be
a relatively easy offering to make, not really any more complicated
than domain name parking or any of the other services that tend to be
in the "add to configuration once, remove at end of service" category.

I do think it's worth paying a few bucks for, and would happily have
done so before, even without knowing what trouble NOT advertising it
would lead to.  Either a parking web-site or even a null route would
have simplified life dramatically.  A tunnel to a residential linux/bsd
box would have been nifty, if not particularly reliable or wise.

Anyone?   Should such a boutique offering be official somewhere or what
would be the reason not to?


Ray Wong
rayw at rayw.net

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