Harassment (was Re: ELAN.NET ...)

Brian Bruns bruns at 2mbit.com
Tue Nov 4 15:16:49 UTC 2003

Joker seems to be on a roll lately - they did the same thing to spews.org.
All I know is that antispammers are on alert and moving domains away from
joker at this point, since it seems very easy to fool them into suspending a
domain name on faked evidence.
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> Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine writes on 11/4/2003 7:51 AM:
> > I don't know of a registrar who cares above nominally about the
> > of whois:43 data. Billing data is another matter. The author of the para
> > above is ... should breath into a paper bag for a few minutes until the
> > hypervenilation passes.
> I believe at least one antispam service - spamcop.net - had its domain
> pulled by joker.com, ostensibly for "invalid whois data". This seems to
> be fixed now.
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