Hijacked IP space.

Hank Nussbacher hank at att.net.il
Tue Nov 4 08:44:36 UTC 2003

At 12:33 AM 04-11-03 -0800, Owen DeLong wrote:

>No, they do not view themseleves as leasing address space.  They view
>themseleves as registering it.  They are quite clear about this.  The
>term leasing is commonly misapplied by people outside the RIR, but, I
>have never seen any RIR claim that they are leasing the address space.
>Certainly not in the financial sense.

That is not what RIPE and ARIN state.  They specifically use the word "lease".


"The global IPv6 policies in this document are based upon the understanding 
that address space is lease-licensed for use rather than owned. All 
Internet Registries are expected to manage address space operations 
correctly in accordance with this principle."



"In regard to the criteria that "organizations who are granted initial 
allocations, but after two years no longer satisfy the requirements above, 
are subject to having their allocations revoked", the following model was 
proposed for allocations:

   - Addresses are "leased", assignments are not permanent"

Many more examples.


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