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Use E-bay.

Cisco 4700 or Cisco 4500 on EBAY, with 2FE card, is the cheapesr solution:

+ some memory (it uses standard memory with parity).

May be, 4000M with 2 NP-1FE can work, but 4000 is _very_ old (it use
Motorola, 4500 and 4700 uses MIPS) and slow, and very far _out of life_.
4500 is the cheapest case, of course.

Cisco 3620 +_ this module:

for example

3) Cisco 3640:

4) Cisco 2621

Other choice is to have 1 FE and use switch with ISL trunk. It is veery
unlikely that you need full 2xFE interface.

>From technical point of view (if not think about a price), 3550 is the best
solution, of course:

The best by price / features is 3620 or 3640 - it uses standard memory, can
b expanded, easy to find modules, modules are compatible with new routers.

The worst think you can do is go io Cisco and purchase a new box -:) -
prices are crazy high (2 FE roputer shpuld not cost mopre than 500$).

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> >    I have a question. I need for a project a small router than can do
> > @wire speed, IOS IP feature set, and it will do BGP with a small subset
> > the global routing table (~1000 networks).
> >
> >    Price is a big issue, but so is stability and reliability of the
> > platform.
> Cisco Catalyst 3550 with EMI feature set.
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