Hijacked IP space.

James Cowie cowie at renesys.com
Mon Nov 3 21:29:26 UTC 2003

On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 09:17:38PM +0000, Andrew - Supernews wrote:
> >>>>> "chuck" == chuck goolsbee <chucklist at forest.net> writes:
>  chuck> Of course I have no hard data, other than my client's phone
>  chuck> call about another phone call, so I can't query based on a
>  chuck> timestamp to see where this was being announced from. It
>  chuck> appears to vanished, and has remained so according to my
>  chuck> casual glances here and there.
>  chuck> The netblock in question is:
>  chuck>
> No announcement for that block has been visible here at any time in
> the past couple of weeks (specifically, since Oct 13). We might have
> missed it if it was never announced for more than a few minutes at a
> time, but it's _much_ more likely that the block was never announced
> and was merely forged into headers of a spam.

Our system reports that neither that prefix, nor any of its 
more-specifics, has been seen in the global routing tables at 
any moment since January 1st, 2002.  [ http://www.renesys.com ] 

James Cowie
Renesys Corporation
cowie at renesys.com

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