Hijacked IP space.

Andrew - Supernews andrew at supernews.net
Mon Nov 3 21:17:38 UTC 2003

>>>>> "chuck" == chuck goolsbee <chucklist at forest.net> writes:

 chuck> Of course I have no hard data, other than my client's phone
 chuck> call about another phone call, so I can't query based on a
 chuck> timestamp to see where this was being announced from. It
 chuck> appears to vanished, and has remained so according to my
 chuck> casual glances here and there.

 chuck> The netblock in question is:


No announcement for that block has been visible here at any time in
the past couple of weeks (specifically, since Oct 13). We might have
missed it if it was never announced for more than a few minutes at a
time, but it's _much_ more likely that the block was never announced
and was merely forged into headers of a spam.

Andrew, Supernews

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