Sabotage investigation of fiber cuts in Northwest

Alex Yuriev alex at
Mon Nov 3 13:43:34 UTC 2003

> > > You'd think after three previous disruptions, that Qwest would
> > > have enabled some form of redundancy.
> > 
> > Redundancy hell.  How about a *PADLOCK*?
> You mean that these places aren't even locked?  Who has (had) the key?
> That'd be the first place I looked.

	The most amazing things can be found on certain northern
cross-country fiber routes in areas where cellphones don't work - they
thought about everything putting hundred thousand dollar doors and locks to
prevent those who are not supposed to get into the huts from getting
there... Excellence to the nines.
	Of course, since no one wants to carry keys to those super secure
entrances, the same time of cobination keyholders that S&D and some others
use to attach cabinet keys to the back of the cabinets themselves had been
placed right by those super secure doors.
	Needless to say, it did not take long for every combination locked
to be popped, keys taken out and super-secure doors opened.



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