Sabotage investigation of fiber cuts... [collapsed RBOC rings]

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Mon Nov 3 15:09:30 UTC 2003

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003 08:15:11 -0500  "Douglas S. Peeples" wrote:
> What you describe is a folded ring and is indicative of either a =
> temporary
> solution or bad network design. As a rule, phone companies and capacity
> suppliers build very robust systems. =20
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Are you sure?  On or about August 5th, 2003 in Augusta, ME, while cross
examining a Verizon employee expert witness in testimony for Maine PUC
Docket 2002-243, I got him to say muliple times under oath that 90% of
Verizon's fiber rings in the state of Maine are at least partially
collapsed, what you call a folded ring...  That is, only 10% of
Verizon's fiber rings are fully redundant.[1]

I don't have any proof of this but suspect that Maine is average and
Verizon is average for a US RBOC.  I suspect that 90% of US RBOC fiber
rings are at least partially collapsed...

[1] I Am Not A Lawyer; the above is my best recollection of the
   testimony.  Documents in regards to Docket 2002-243 are on line off
   of the Maine PUC web site (
   under the virtual case file (  Search by
   docket number 2002243.  For some reason, the testimony is not there.
   I will ask a PUC lawyer why that is and see if it can be added.

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