Sabotage investigation of fiber cuts in Northwest

Vincent J. Bono vbono at
Mon Nov 3 08:34:55 UTC 2003

> I'm fairly certain that the telco huts or CO's have to accomodate multiple
> groups having access, so I'd bet that a padlock probably is a tough sell
> :( Its very interesting that the 'critical infrastructure' has seemingly
> loose security on such vital parts.

Actually padlocks are quite common.  When multiple organizations need
entrance into a single gated area, its standard practice to have each of
them put a padlock onto a string, separated by only one or two links of
chain.  When you want access you just unlock your padlock.  Low tech but
works pretty well considering the weak point in a chain-link fence is
usually the chain-link, at least where a serious saboteur is concerned.  We
are collocated in about a hundred ROW huts and the security is usually aimed
at preventing casual vandalism.


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