Harassment (was Re: ELAN.NET ...)

Scott Call scall at devolution.com
Mon Nov 3 00:34:00 UTC 2003

I should know better than to stick my foot into things, but the IP in
question ( is registered with the .US registrar as
ns2.nanog.us, and is the secondary name server for nanog.us

The ethics and/or legality of registering nanog.us notwithstanding, I
don't understand this particular "issue" with Mr Booth (regardless of the
s/n ratio of his postings)


On Sun, 2 Nov 2003, Michel Py wrote:

> > Richard Cox wrote:
> > The only relevance of those postings to this group can be
> > found by observing exactly how the MX ( for
> > his email address (MBooth at corp.as26857.com) answers on
> > Port 25.  Most interesting!
> Indeed. Would be worth taking action with nic.us.
> Michel.
> !DSPAM:3fa57c17181901949070007!

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