Harassment (was Re: ELAN.NET ...)

Booth, Michael (ENG) MBooth at corp.as26857.com
Sun Nov 2 15:45:34 UTC 2003

> OK, enough is enough.  We've all had a spammer or spam site sign up, 
> and we've all (presumably) kicked them off.  Why are you referencing 
> data from some spam posting over 4 years old?

Because, as I showed you, Elan is still hosting their domains.

If William would take some action and clean up the spammers on his 
network, I wouldn't need to post about it.

Another item of note is the phone number in ELAN.NET domain registration 
is invalid.  William is in breach of his registration agreement, and 
liable to lose his domain name unless he corrects this.

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