Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Sat Nov 1 18:57:16 UTC 2003

> Joe Abley wrote:
> There's no useful way to use H.323 through a NAT though,
> at least that I have seen working.

In enterprises this has never been a problem as H.323 works fine over
any kind of tunnel that goes over NAT and that's already there for other
purposes (VPN for example). I have multiple h.323 VOIP phones at home
over one IP address, one that is actually IPSEC encrypted.

As of SIP, Vonage does indeed use it so are many other SIP shops and it
works fine over NAT Vonage or not Vonage. I am not that familiar with
the Cisco ATA-186 (too pricey) but on other SIP phones such as the
popular $70 Grandstream if you know the IP address and port of the
remote SIP phone you want to join you can dial it directly.


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