OT: Midco.net

David A. Ulevitch davidu at everydns.net
Sat Nov 1 06:24:38 UTC 2003

joej at Rocknyou.com wrote:

>Sorry for the off topic post, but has anyone dealt with Midco.net? 
>I recently reported a Scan from a node belonging there and have met with
>nothing but side steps. Please contact me off list if you have any contacts there. Would like to get this resolved. 
On your site you say your server functions to:
"resolve names for Rocknyou.com, log scans
and evil-do-ers attempting to breakin, and sometimes for fun I run
nmap <http://www.insecure.org/nmap/index.html> back at those bad nodes."

So since tonight is Halloween (GMT -6), would you prefer to be "Pot" or 
"Kettle?" :)

There are perfectly valid reasons to get scanned, especially by a well 
known white-hat tool like Nessus.  Script-kiddies and spammers have much 
more robust/directed tools than a general purpose (slow) tool like Nessus.

And from the link you sent about Midco, it looks like they did a fine 
job responding to your request; probably better than most *SP's would do.


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