Yankee Group declares core routing obsolete (was Re: Anybodyu

matt at petach.org matt at petach.org
Sat Nov 1 01:53:23 UTC 2003

Recently, cmartin at gnilink.net (Martin Christian) wrote:
> Things are getting better, but "L3-switches" pale in comparison to today's
> high-end routers on almost all fronts.  If you take GigE out of the
> equation, modern "L3 Switches" are just as expensive as modern "core
> routers" - and routable, "mpls-able" L3 GE ports are _more_ expensive on
> "switches" than "routers" (see 4xGE OSM vs 4xGE GSR 'tetra' pricing).  Media

*cough*  Please do note, however, that the overall capacity
of the cards being compared should also be considered.
Remember, the 4xGE GSR "tetra" card is a 2.5 gig OC48
engine, so your gig ports are rather oversubscribed.

Just making sure apples get compared to like-sized apples  :)

A very, VERY happy user of OSRs for quite some time.

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